Why Can’t I Motivate Myself To Study? [video]

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I wouldn’t? encourage being emotionally driven.

@Virtueman1 I agree being emotionally driven isn’t the most helpful especially when negative emotions are? keeping you from working (procrastinating).

While logic can lead you to the best outcome. Emotion is what drives you there or keeps you stuck. That’s why understanding how emotions drive you is so important :-)

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3 Responses to Why Can’t I Motivate Myself To Study? [video]

  1. Chris says:

    Ironically, I just finished a psychology course dealing directly with motivation. I think your video really touches on an important aspect of motivation as well. In your “previous comment discussion” you point out that both logic and emotion are really necessary. I think this is true for anyone trying to get an objective grasp of how to motivate themselves. Emotion is like the phenomenological (subjective) aspect of motivation, and logic is more-so the objective element. Of course, just “straight” emotion is likely not going to get anyone anywhere; but it is definitely required. Emotion is the what can drive or inhibit a persons ability to get a task done!

  2. Someone says:

    Its all about expectations. Let me explain about what I found out about my motivation: My motivation moves in cycles. First I want to study to get a good grade, I expect the best grade. I study hard and ultimatively don’t get the best grade but still a pretty good grade. Then I am frustrated because I haven’t got the best grade and lose the motivation to study for the next test, because whats the point if I can’t achieve the best grade with my best effort? Thats whats my subconscious is saying, while my consciousness is wondering why I can’t get my self motivated to study. Then 1 day before the exam I panic that I won’t pass and start learning. Ultimatively I get a better grade than that what I expect and I am again motivated. The problem is the time I am wasting at home beeing frustrated and not able to study, while I could have spent it partying or being productive. But no the frustration circle drives me to watch even the most boring youtube videos to distract myself from the coming exam. Being so unproductive is frustrating, and even now I should study for tomorrow but typing this is more entertaining. What magical force is so powerful that it keeps me from something that easy as writing and reading some specific topic for couple of hours? If some brilliant psychiatrist would find a cheap and easy “solution” for this “studying” problem, the productivity of the world would rise enormously!! I’m sure I’m not alone with this problem but F*** this is annoying ….

  3. seizon says:

    I completely agree with “someone”.. and the same happens to me as well..

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