Physical Things You Can Do To Keep Your Focus While Studying

Here are a few quick physical things you can do immediately increase your focus while studying or working on a project:

1. Your Posture

2. Whole Brain Exercises

3. Hot Cold Shower

(Of course nothing replaces a healthy 8 hours of sleep the night before)

Your brain is made up of 2 hemispheres (a left brain and a right brain). According to lab studies, for the majority of people, the left brain has been shown to relate to more emotional and artistic aspects of the mind. While the right brain has been shown to relate to more logical and reasoning functions. A person who is said to be “whole brain” in an area can actively use both hemispheres of the brain to engage that area.

Let’s say we’re piloting an airplane. Wouldn’t you rather have both engines working?

Study Tip: Remember your mind and body are connected.

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